A Second Look at Zebulon's Guide
Corrections, clarifications, additions, and answers.

by Kim Eastland
Dragon Magazine, #125, pg. ?

Some time ago, I had the pleasure of designing Zebulon's Guide to Frontier Space, Volume 1, the first addition to the STAR FRONTIERS game rules in many years. For those STAR FRONTIERS game fans who have picked it up, here are a few comments and corrections for that tome.

Preface: The preface mentions "Bizarre" in its first full paragraph. This is the second largest continent on the planet Faire in the Capella svstem out in the Rim. Its largest city is Minzii.

Contents Page: Under the Tables listing, the Skill Costs Table is actually on page 9, not 10. The Equipment Tables are actually on pages 88. 89, and 90.

Page 1: The first sentence of the Humma's special ability to spring charge should read, "A Humma can spring up to 25 meters horizontally from a standing start and, if it lands within two meters of an opponent, come to a dead stop and make a free melee attack against the opponent. This attack is in addition to normal actions or attacks that turn."

Page 3: The Mechanon pictured is a propaganda illustration issued by the planet Mechano itself to better the Frontier's image of Mechanons. In reality, Mechanons come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and they are much deadlier looking than this cartoon version.

Page 5: Delete the Dexterity Modifier column on the Ability Score Table. It has been replaced by the Dexterity Modifiers Table on page 38. On the Racial Ability Modifier Table, the PER/LDR modifiers for Osakar and Humma are -10

Page 6: The last sentence in the last paragraph on this page should begin "A positive shift makes.." Delete the previous "It does make."

Page 7: The Techex profession skill listed as "Machinery: Operate" is actually "Machinery Operation."

Page 9: The second paragraph of the last column states that skipping levels is not allowed, even if the character has enough experience to do so. This means that though a character has enough experience points (XP) to directly jump from second to fourth level in a skill, he must spend at least one adventure (of a substantial nature) with the skill at third level before he can spend the rest of his XP to achieve fourth level.

Page 11: With regards to the Medical section, note that when a character has a disease, infection, infestation, poison, or radiation introduced into his svstem, damage does not begin to occur until the turn following the introduction. All other forms of damage (weapons damage, fire, failing, etc.) occur instantly, in the same turn they are introduced to the character. In the Robotics section, note that roboprogs are not interchangeable with maxiprogs or bodycomp progits.

Page 12: The second to the last sentence in the Weapons paragraph should end ". . . and his result area can never be greater than the Blue area unless he rolls a 01-02 (see Automatic Rolls on page 29)."

Page 13: The skill check for Camouflage is secretly rolled by the referee. This is because the character- will not know if he is successful until someone else spots or misses the camouflaged structure or item.

Page 18: The fourth sentence of the Hypnosis skill should read "(If the hypnotist is a Sathar, his skill level is eighth, but an unwilling victim is allowed a Logic check in addition to the normal Intuition check.)" This change applies as it is now widely known that Sathar can hypnotize. Also, the prerequisite skill for the Machinery Repair skills is Machinery Operation.

Page 19: The first sentence of the first paragraph should read: "Techexes who operate these devices for a living must have Matter Transferal Devices skill level 9." The skills Medical Treatment: Disease, Medical Treatment: Infection, and Medical Treatment: Infestation all have identical second and third paragraphs. The words "98-00 or " should be deleted from the beginning of the second paragraph in each, and the words "01-02 or " should be deleted from the beginning of the third paragraph in each.

Page 20: The skills Medical Treatment: Poison and Medical Treatment: Radiation both have identical second and third paragraphs. 'The words "98-00 or " should be deleted from the beginning of the second paragraph in each, and the words "01-02 or" should be deleted from the beginning of the third paragraph.

Page 21: The fourth sentence of the Medical Treatment: Wounds 11 skill should read: "For every 10 points of damage (or fraction of 10 points) that are healed, a full turn of treatment time and an additional dose of biocort are required"

Page 22: The Pumping Federanium's fifth sentence should end: ". . . mav have trouble fitting into suits and equipment normally designed for his race."

Page 23: In the Robotics: Robopsychologist section, note that any robopsychologist who attempts to alter the functions or mission of a Mechanon suffers a -8 CS modifier.

Page 24: With regards to the Stealth skill, note that the skill check for a character using Stealth to sneak up on someone must be made every 30 meters if the user is moving slowiv or 15 meters if the user is moving quickly. The skill check for using Stealth to "tail a suspect must be made every 30 minutes of stalking.

Page 29: The beginning of Step 2 of the Ranged Weapon Combat Procedure should read: "Apply all appropriate combat modifiers, Dexterity modifiers, and shift columns to the left and/or right." The first sentence of Step 3 should read: "Roll percentile dice and locate the final result on the Resolution Table' "

Page 31: The second sentence at the top of column one should read: "Opportunity shots are like Careful Aim shots; the character can do nothing else that turn, but an Opportunity shot cancels the negative CS modifier for target movement." The beginning of Step 2 of the Area Effect Weapon Combat Procedure should read: "Apply all appropriate combat modifiers, Dexterity modifiers, and shift columns to the left and/or right." The first sentence of Step 3 should read: "Roll percentile dice and locate the final result on the Resolution Table' " The fourth sentence of Step 3 can be deleted altogether, as this information was spread throughout the Grenades and Missiles sections. In the Skills section, note that the distance a character can throw a grenade is equal to his Strength score plus his Dexterity score, divided by four; i.e., (STR + DEX)/4.

Page 34: The abbreviation "pS" indicates damage per each SEU used. The "Rate" note should be changed to " ROF," the "Defense Type" note should be changed to "Effective Defenses:" and the "M#" note should be changed to "Msl#."

Page 35: The effective defense against the acid foam grenade should read "Salgel" not "Basegel"

Page 36: The "Range" column heading for missile warheads should be "Blast Radius:' The blast radius of a sonic missile warhead is " 6 X Msl# " Additionally, the Primitive Melee and Thrown Weapons table should list Spear damage as 14, not 4.

Page 41: The last sentence for the Channeling I and Channeling II disciplines should be deleted and replaced with the sentence: "Each successful discipline use lasts 3 turns" Also, the Confusion discipline can only be used to affect a single target.

Pages 48-50: The names of the UPF Space Fortresses can be added to the tables of planets:
Morgaine's World

Page 50: The second planet in the Crvxian system of the Rim Coalition Planetary listing is "T'zaan" (delete the "(B)T" note).

Page 65: The warheads come in different sizes for each missile type and are not interchangeable.

Page 69: Sonic screens or sonic headphones provide full protection from the effects of marble grenades unless three or more are detonated at the same time. The third marble grenade, and all others following it which detonate in the same turn, are then treated as polyhedron sonic grenades for defense purposes.

Page 73: The paragraph at the end of the Combining Hardware and Maxiprogs section lists various combinations of maxiprogs that a Level 2 Mainframe Computer could have. Delete the words "or one Level 4 maxiprog" from the example. As is stated later, a mainframe computer cannot run a maxiprog of greater level than the computer level.

Page 90: There are a few mistakes under the Energy Use or Max. Damage Absorbed column of the Defenses list. The Simp Screen should read " 1 SEU/ 6 pts." Full Maser Mesh should read "Negates Maser damage". Partial Maser Mesh should read "Halves Maser damage." Both Basic Helmet and Sonic Prot. should read "V"

Page 91: On the first side of the STAR FRONTIERS Character Record Sheet, under the Weapons section, a player should enter his PC's DEX or STR modifier, whichever he chooses, along with the Column Modifier in the "Col Mod" box. See the Ability section under Melee Procedure on page 32.