Sage Advice

by Skip Williams
Excerpted from Dragon Magazine, #144, pg. ?

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This month, "Sage Advice" covers a potpourri of questions on various topics related to TSR(R) games.


I enjoyed the article "Armored and Dangerous" in issue #129 (page 70), but I have a few questions. Does the basic suit of powered armor come with a bodycomp and any special scanners? I assume there is a bodycomp because Zebulon's Guide to Frontier Space says that an enviro-comp is required, and implies that a master-comp is also required.

The basic suit has no scanners, but it does have a bodycomp with a type D processor and a kingpack power supply. The standard progits are: master-comp, medinject (three of them), body-scan, and enviro-comp. Additional progits can be added to the computer, up to the kingpack's 12-progit limit.

I like the helmet rafflurs and grenade launchers in Zebulon's Guide, but I can't find costs and weights for them.

As explained on page 70 of that book, helmet attachments cost 20% more than their regular counterparts. The weights of the helmet and regular versions are identical. Helmet rafflurs, for example are merely two rafflur M-1s attached to a helmet. The cost and weight of the rafflur M-1 are given on page 34 as 300 Cr and .50 kg. Therefore, helmet rafflurs cost 720 Cr ((300 x 2) x 1.2) and weigh 1 kg.