The Ul-Mor will lead the characters to a vast cavern network one 12 hour period's travel inside the burning lands. This cavern is the safest way to cross those perilous lands, though it holds many dangers for the unwary. The first four periods in the cavern will pass uneventfully, but a massive cave-in will separate the characters from the Ul-Mor at the beginning of the fifth period. They must then find their way through the Forbidden Caverns to the outside world. If the characters survive, they will once again meet the Ul-Mor and finally journey to the Place of True Warriors to fight the ferocious quickdeath.



Use the Forbidden Caverns map in the STAR FRONTIERS System Brief for this section. You can simplify mapping by sketching or tracing these corridors onto the characters' mapping paper.

However your characters map the caverns, remember to reveal only small sections of the map at one time. The characters must discover the exit to the Forbidden Caverns by themselves. You should not show the cavern map to them at any time.

The characters will not need to map the sections of the caverns they travel during the first two days underground. They will begin mapping only after the cave-in occurs at the location marked ''S'' on the cavern map. After the cave-in, they will wander through the winding corridors and cathedral-like

rooms of the Forbidden Caverns, trying to find an exit. Several areas are numbered; these are the planned encounter areas. When the characters enter one of these areas, refer to the planned encounter chart for this section.


After the cave-in, the characters will enter a new and dangerous phase of their adventure. Because they are lost in the perilous Forbidden Caverns, the time period reference must be changed from 12 hours to one hour. If your characters question this, you may explain that the time period has changed because they are travelling in dark, unknown caverns.


Since the characters will find themselves moving through dark, unknown caverns, their movement rate will be considerably reduced. The movement rate must also be adjusted because the time period has been reduced to one hour. Therefore, the following movement rates will apply while the characters are in the Forbidden Caverns:



RaceNumber of Squares
Mixed Party


When encounters and combats occur, the action should be resolved in normal six-second game turns. The distances characters can move in six-second turns are summarized on the following chart:



2 meters
1 meter
3 meters
2 meters
6 meters
4 meters
7 meters
6 meters

Players will quickly find anyone running in the caverns has an excellent chance of falling. Any character running in the caverns must make a Dexterity check. The character must make a Dexterity check once every five turns spent running. If a character falls, he may move only 1/2 the normal distance that turn.


Visibility in the caverns is limited. Even with flashlights or torches, party members can see only 30 meters. When in large rooms, this means they may not be able to see the cavern walls.


The Forbidden Caverns encounter section will require more playing time than most other encounter sections in this module. You should award experience three times during the this encounter section (usually at the end of an evening of play). Generally speaking, you will find the best places to award experience points are at the end of encounter area 7, the end of encounter area 13, and after the party exits the caverns.

After several days travel, you have reached the Burning Lands. Deposits of phosphorous, magnesium, and various salts cover the entire area, and numerous geysers, gas fissures, and lava flows erupt through the crusty ground. Athru says you will spend only a short time on the surface of the Burning Lands; after a period of travel you will reach a large network of caves. The Ul-Mor know a safe path through the caverns and out into the desert on the other side of the Burning Lands. You will follow this underground path to the Place of True Warriors. Athru warns you not to stray from the safe path, for there is an endless expanse of winding caverns teeming with unknown dangers.

You travel through the caverns for 24 hours, walking well behind the main body of Ul-Mor. The tunnels are between 5 and 10 meters wide, while the ceiling rises as high as 12 meters. Occasionally, the tunnels spread into underground rooms as much as 1 kilometer in diameter, with ceilings as high as 20 meters.

You constantly pass large stands of a mushroom-type fungus growing from the cavern floors. The stalk of this fungus is almost as thick as a small tree trunk. There is nothing else unusual in these caverns.

As you move along, you pass many smaller passages leading away from the main path, but the Ul-Mor carefully avoid these passages and warn you to do the same.


Roll for random encounters once each one-hour period. A roll of "1" on 1d10 indicates a random encounter, rolI again on the following table. No random encounters will occur while the characters are with the Ul-Mor.



Die RollEncounter
Small rastie pack
Poison gas fissure
Lava flow
Rastie trap
Skeleton and drained blaster
Sleep gas fissure
Broom, mop, and bucket
Dead loper carcass

Do not use an encounter more than once. If you roll the same encounter more than once, ignore the result and roll again.


1.) Rastie Pack (MV Medium; IM 7; RS 65; STA 75; ATT 75; DM 2d10; SA See below)

A pack of 10 rasties attacks the party. They will pursue if the party attempts to run.

SA: Lock jaws and rend automatically for 1d10 per turn.

2.) DROPPERS: (MV Very slow; IM 2; RS 18; STA 20; ATT 80; DM 2d10; SA See below; SD See below)

A dropper attacks a randomly determined party member. Assume the cavern ceiling is 3 meters high. The dropper will automatically have initiative unless the characters are searching the cavern ceilings for droppers.

SA: Attract 2d10 more droppers in 1d10 turns. SD: Immune to projectile weapons; tangler, and doze grenades; ranged weapons attack at -10.

3.) POISON GAS FISSURE: A crack opens in the cavern wall and poison gas seeps out. The gas fills a 3 meter long section of cavern each turn. The gas is rated S5/T1, and appears to be hot steam when the characters first see it.

4.) LAVA FLOW: A large section of cavern wall collapses, releasing a 250 centimeter deep lava flow 10 meters behind the characters. It will advance toward the characters at a rate of 5 meters each turn.

Any character caught in the lava flow takes 5d10 damage every turn until he escapes.

If the characters choose to jump out of the path of the lava flow, they have a 75% chance of finding a safe place (such as a low-hanging stalactite or a narrow rock shelf). If the characters try to find cover and fail to make the 75% roll, assume they tried for cover, but discovered a turn later this cover was not sufficient. They will return to the cavern floor one turn after trying to find a safe place. They may try again for a safe place or run, at their option.

Even if the characters find a safe place, they must then make a Dexterity check. If they fail the check, they will return to the cavern floor the next turn.

If the characters succeed in jumping out of the flow's path, they must then wait three days for the lava to cool before walking on it. Unless they have found a sufficiently comfortable place to wait (use your own judgement), there is a 75% chance they will fall into it several hours later, taking 1d10 damage from the cooling lava every turn until they escape.

If the characters run from the flow, it will follow them until they come to a branch in the corridor, and will then flow down the corridor sloping downward (choose one at random). If the characters are foolish enough to run into the corridor sloping down or there are no corridor branches, the flow will stop after chasing them for 1 kilometer.

5.) RASTIE TRAP: Roll a secret Intuition check for the two characters leading the party. If either character makes the check, he will see the rastie trap and neither character will fall into it. If neither character makes the check, both characters in the front will fall into a hidden 4 meter pit with sharpened stakes at the bottom. Each character takes 2d10 damage. (The pirate who lives in encounter area 18 set this trap to catch rasties.)

6.) FLITTERS: (MV Medium; IM 7; RS 70; STA 10; DM 2; SA Disease)

The party meets 10 flitters panicked by a gas explosion in another part of the cavern. All flitters will attack one character immediately, then fly away after two rounds of combat.

7.) SKELETON: The party finds the remains of a Human skeleton. They will find a laser pistol with an empty clip near the skeleton.

8.) SLEEP GAS: The characters hear a faint hissing from a crack in the cavern wall. This crack is releasing a gas into a 10 meter section of the corridor that causes characters to fall asleep for 10d10 minutes. Players may avoid the effects of the

gas by holding their breaths, using gas masks, or making a current Stamina check.

9.) MAINTENANCE EQUIPMENT: The characters find a push broom, a bucket, and a mop.

10.) DEAD LOPER: The characters find a dead loper. The loper has obviously been dead only a few days.


Start.) CAVE-IN!

After spending 50 hours travelling through the caverns with the Ul-Mor, you are awakened by loud crashes and loper screams. As you get up, you feel the cavern floor vibrating and see whole sections of the ceiling crashing down. You do not see any sign of the Ul-Mor, who had camped a considerable distance ahead of you. Three of the five exits from the room are now blocked.

The characters may run (checking for falls) to any of the three corridors not blocked by the cave-in. They cannot take any Ul-Mor or lopers with them, since all of the Ul-Mor are on the other side of the cave-in, and any lopers near them have been killed.

If the party attempts to dig out either passageway, let them dig for a few turns and then tell them they realize it would take many days to complete the task. The party can retrieve their own equipment from the rubble, as well as enough food and water to last three days.

1.) RASTIE LAIR (MV Medium; IM 7; RS 65; STA 75; ATT 75; DM 2d10; SA See below)

Read the following description to the characters as they approach area 1. If they do not turn toward area 1, but proceed straight through area 1 A, this encounter will not occur.

You hear chittering in the gloom ahead, such as a small mammal might make.

The sounds are coming from the lair of 100 rasties.

If the party continues into area 1 after hearing these sounds the rasties nearest the party will squeal an alert to the rest of the pack. The entire pack will then attack. If the party retreats toward 1 A after hearing these sounds, only 20 rasties will attack.

SA: Lock jaws and rend automatically for 1 d10 per turn.

2.) FLITTER LAIR (MV Medium; IM 7; RS 70; STA 10; ATT 40; DM 2; SA Disease)

The passageway gradually widens into a room. Your lights are not powerful enough to see across the room. A few high pitched squeaks echo toward you from the room. You can also hear a faint fluttering.

There are 95 flitters asleep in this room. The sounds are being made by five restless flitters as they move about the cavern ceiling. These five flitters will ignore the party unless the characters light a fire, shine a light on any of the flitters, make a loud noise, or touch any of the flitters.

If the party does any of these things, the five waking flitters will fly about the cavern squealing and screaming to wake the rest of the flitters. All flitters will then attack the party. No character will be attacked by more than five flitters in any single turn. Players bitten by flitters must make a Stamina check or contract the deadly disease flitters carry (see Alien Creatures Update File).


You see several more of the mushroom-like fungi you see throughout the caverns in this area. These fungi, however, appear a little larger than most. The air in this area is difficult to breath because of the amount of dust in it.

The "dust" in the air is a concentration of spores from the giant fungi. Any character breathing without special precautions (gas mask, handkerchief over mouth and nose, etc.)will inhale many thousand spores. These spores cause hallucinations one hour after the characters enter the area. The referee should make up an appropriate hallucination, such as being attacked by a giant Ul-Mor, seeing a wall of water rushing down the corridor, finding a spaceship to take the party home, etc.

When they start to hallucinate, each character should make a Logic check. If this check is successful, that character will realize he is having a hallucination. If the check is unsuccessful, the character will not realize he is having a hallucination. That character must then act as though the hallucination were completely real. You should temporarily take control of any character who is not acting as though the hallucination is real.

After two hours, the hallucinations will cease, but any character who breathed the spores will still be disoriented and confused for six hours. They will not be able to concentrate or remember where they came from, and their RS scores will be temporarily reduced by 5 points. After this six-hour period is finished, the characters will be immune to any further effects of the spores.

4.) DROPPER CAVERN (MV Very slow; IM 2; RS 18; STA 20; ATT 80; DM 2d10; SA See below; SD See below)

You have reached another large underground room. The ceiling here is only 3 meters high. You cannot see the other side of the room.

Each character stands a 30% chance of walking directly beneath a dropper. Once a character is attacked, 19 more droppers will arrive in 1d10 turns.

SA: Attract 2d10 droppers in 1d10 turns. SD: Immune to projectile weapons, tangier and doze grenades; ranged weapons attack at -10.

5.) BURROWER SNAKE LAIR (MV Slow; IM 8; RS 80; STA 15; DM 1d5; SA Poison S5/T10)

There is a faint glow near the ceiling of this huge room. The glow appears to be about 250 meters away.

Upon closer inspection, the characters will see a deposit of phosphorescent minerals at the base of a 3 meter chimney extending upward farther than the characters can see. This chimney dead-ends in a burrower snake lair about 35 meters up.

If any character climbs the chimney, the burrower snakes will attack immediately to protect the 23 eggs in their nest. If the characters do not climb the chimney, nothing will happen.

6.) VOLTURNIAN CAVE BEAR (MV Medium; IM 5; RS 45; STA 200; ATT 60; DM 4d10; SA See below)

You are entering a large cavern room lit by dim phosphorescent minerals when you see a 7 meter tall creature 60 meters from you. It looks like a hairless, white bear. It has shown no sign of noticing your party.

If the characters do not immediately back out of the room, the bear will attack until killed. If they back out of the room and wait for three hours, the bear will-fall asleep. The party can then sneak by without harm. The bear will instantly awaken

and pursue the party 1d10 squares down the corridor if anyone passes within 30 meters of it.

SA: Hug for 2d10 per turn on roll of 10 or less.

7.) SHOVELMOUTH STAMPEDE (MV Medium; IM 3; RS 25; STA 60; ATT 45; DM 1 d10; SA Stampede)

The corridor gradually widens into another large room. This room is dimly illuminated by phosphorescent mineral deposits. It is more than half a kilometer long and 250 meters wide. You hear the sound of many running feet, and a number of grunts hisses, and squeals.

Twenty shovelmouths are stampeding from encounter area 8 into area 7 A. If the party stays in the room, each character has a 30% chance of being hit by a shovelmouth and falling to the ground. Any character who has fallen will be hit by at least one shovelmouth and has a 50% chance of being hit by two. Every time a character is hit by a shovelmouth, he takes 2d10 damage.

If the characters attempt to avoid the stampede, use your discretion to determine if they do so successfully. Players climbing the cavern walls, for example, will be safe from the stampede.


As you round a bend in the corridor, you hear an explosion and see a sudden burst of light 300 meters ahead. Ten seconds later, another explosion follows. As you watch, several more explosions occur at random intervals. The bursts of light illuminate a circular room 500 meters or more in diameter.

As the characters try to cross the room, there is 45% chance some of the explosive gas escaping through the many fissures in the room will ignite near the party. (Roll for each group of characters separately if they split up.)Any character caught in one of these explosions suffers 2d10 damage.

If any character strikes a match, fires a laser, or introduces any type of open flame into the room, there is a 90% chance all explosive gas in the room will ignite, causing 10d10 damage to those within the room. (Make Dexterity checks to see if the characters fIung themselves to the ground in time to avoid part of the damage. If this check is successful, they take only 1/2 damage.)


The walls and floor are becoming rough and loose as you walk down the corridor. A white, granular substance covers increasing portions of the cavern, until, when you enter a large room, it completely hides the floor and walls. Here, the cavern floor appears only in spots.

The white substance is common salt. The bare patches of cavern floor are actually flat rocks that have fallen onto the salt bed from the ceiling. These rocks are large enough for two people to stand upon, and it is readily apparent that the characters could cross the room by jumping from rock to rock.

If the party tries to cross the room, roll percentile dice as each character nears the middle. There is a 25% chance that each rock a character stands upon will sink into the salt bed. If one rock sinks, there is a 15% chance that any adjacent rock also sinks. Players will sink at a rate of 1/2 meter every turn. Players who sink completely before being rescued will suffocate in 20 turns.

10.) WATER!

You are entering another room in this seemingly endless cavern. The air here is much cooler than other parts of the cavern.

There is a spring of fresh water hidden behind a thin wall in this room. If they enter the room quietly, the characters will hear the sound of bubbling water. They can then locate the spring by going to the place where it seems the loudest and digging, blasting, or hacking through the soft wall.

They will then find plenty of fresh water for drinking, washing, and restocking canteens.


This passage is becoming increasingly hot as you advance. You round a narrow bend and see a large room ahead. A fiery, red glow illuminates this room, and you feel an intense heat coming from it. As you move on, your passage opens onto a narrow ledge overlooking a vast lake of molten rock.

Large pillars of crystal rise out of the lake to the height of your ledge, which is nearly 30 meters above the fiery surface. Near the middle of the lake, two or more of these crystals are fused at the top, forming narrow bridges. Many stalactites hang to within 3 meters of the crystal tops. Some of these stalactites are huge and well anchored; others appear thinner and shakily attached. As you watch, one of the thin stalactites falls from the ceiling into the lake below. While you study the scene, you notice that jets of flaming gasses and molten rock stream out of the lake, splashing against the crystal pillars and even the ceiling of the cavern.

There doesn't appear to be any safe way across the lake, for your ledge runs only part way around the lake. On the other side, you can see a similar ledge, with a passage leading away from the lake. The distance between the two ledges appears to be about 200 meters.

Lay the map of the Lake of Fire on a flat surface where all may see it. Place the characters' counters directly on the map so that you may see the characters' locations as they attempt to cross the Lake of Fire.

The characters will probably try to use one or more of the following methods to move from pillar to pillar:

    1. Jump from one pillar to the next where the distance is not too great (see map).
    2. Rope the stalactites and swing from pillar to pillar.
    3. Make bridges out of the trunks of the giant mushrooms growing throughout the caverns.

Players who jump must make successful Strength checks (at +25) or fall several inches short of the next pillar. Players who fail these checks should make a Reaction Speed check to see if they grabbed the edge of the pillar as they fell. Any character who fails both of these checks falls into the Lake of Fire and dies instantly.

Players attempting to swing from pillar to pillar must make Dexterity checks to see if they land on the pillar safely. Any character who fails the check misses the pillar; the character must hang from the rope until rescued by another character. (If the rope was not long enough to reach the pillar, the character should make a Reaction Speed check to see if he managed to grab the edge of a pillar as he fell. Any character who fails both checks falls into the Lake of Fire.)

Players will never have any trouble roping a stalactite, since they can keep trying until they are successful. In addition, at least one stalactite will always be within roping distance. There is a 5% chance, however, that a stalactite may break loose from the ceiling before the character completes the swing. If this occurs, the character should make a Reaction Speed check to see if he had completed enough of the swing to fly through the air to the pillar and grab its edge before falling

into the Lake of Fire. Any character failing this check falls into the Lake of Fire.

If the characters use the trunks of the giant fungi as bridges to cross the pillars, they should make a Dexterity check to see if they fall off the trunk while crossing it. Any character failing the Dexterity check should make a Reaction Speed check to see if he grabbed the trunk before falling into the Lake of Fire. Any character who fails both checks falls into the Lake of Fire.

No matter how the characters cross the Lake of Fire, each character stands a large chance of being hit by a lava splash as it streams out of the lake. As the characters cross each dashed line on the map, roll percentile dice. On a roll of 10% or less, that character takes 1d10 damage from a small burst of molten rock.

As the characters cross the lake, the referee should emphasize that the heat is nearly unbearable, and that the smoke and ash in the air make breathing nearly impossible. After completing the crossing, roll 1d5 points of damage for each character that did not take any precautions to protect himself from the heat.

12.) THE MAGMA MONSTERS (MV Very slow; IM 3; RS 30; STA 150; DM 3d10; SA See below; SD See below)

You walk only 500 meters before the corridor widens into a room. The smooth rock floor of this room is Iittered with hundreds of small balls of hardened lava. Some of these lava- balls are Iying quietly on the floor, but others are bouncing around like balls on a pool table. Occasionally, a lava-ball rolls into or out of a small hole in the wall.

The small balls of lava are baby magma monsters. They are harmless to the characters, even if they bump into them by accident.

A very old magma monster guards the babies. This adult appears to be a large black boulder Iying against the wall 20 meters away. The adult magma monster will remain motionless unless a character touches one of the small lava-balls, at which time it will attack.

Despite its slow movement, the magma monster is a deadly opponent. It spews a stream of hot lava up to 50 meters in any direction, doing 3d10 damage. This attack, however, is not subject to ranged weapon modifiers because it is the creature's natural attack form.

The magma monster will cease attacking if the characters leave the chamber, but wil I immediately attack if they re-enter.

SA: Attack up to 50 meters with no range modifiers. SD: Immune to needler, projectile, and stun weapons; immune to tangier and doze grenades; 1/2 damage from lasers and fragmentation grenades.


After wandering through more of the endless passages, you hear the sound of gently lapping water ahead. Soon, you round a corner in the passage and see an underground sea.

This sea, more than 1.5 kilometers wide and 6.5 kilometers long, is nearly a kilometer deep in places; even along the shore the depth is more than 10 meters. The

ceiling above the sea is 50 meters high. The entire area is illuminated by large deposits of phosphorescent minerals.

The shoreline is simply a rocky ledge covered with giant mushroom- like fungi. From any area along this ledge, the characters will see the island (encounter area 14 A). They will also see the opposite shore (encounter area 15) in the far distance.

13 A: This shoreline is exactly like the one described above.

13 B: As the characters enter this area, they will see an Ul-Mor sitting at the water's edge. He is totally absorbed in his own thoughts, and will take no notice of the party's approach. If spoken to, he will slowly turn around, revealing that much of his face and two of his tentacles are covered with a pasty white growth. He will introduce himself as Throm the Banished (RW 45; M 45; PS 2; IM 5; RS 50; STA 40).

Throm will give the following account of himself:

''I was once a powerful Ul-Mor, who stole many things from our enemies and divided these things many ways. My fellows envied me, and, indeed, I believed they had reason to do so. I had been chosen as the tribe's next leader, and this made me feel as though no risk were too great for me to take. But, alas, the One will not tolerate such foolishness.

"I was riding herd on a large flock of kwidges when a burrower snake startled them, and they stampeded. Many of the kwidges ran under my loper; alas, I was not quick enough to control the noble beast. Left solely to his own direction, my loper panicked and ran into the tribe's egg cache, destroying several of our young. The elders immediately banished me, forever denying me the rights of an Ul-Mor.

''Since that time I have wandered these caverns, where I have learned the secret of joining the One without the cold sleep' Perhaps the One has sent you to me, so that I may redeem myself by showing you his secret."

Throm is slightly deranged, and believes the mutating fungus on the island is the key to eternal life. He will make every effort to convince the characters to go to the island, and will not speak of anything else. He does not desire to leave, and could not remember the way out of the caverns if he did. He does remember that his loper wandered off and joined the One some time ago.

Throm will attempt to convince the party to journey to the island, but he will not use force to do so. If questioned about how to get to the island, he will say that he swims, but this is very dangerous because there is something evil in the lake. If the characters attack Throm for some reason, he will defend himself with his spear.


The characters may cross the underground sea by constructing a raft of fungi trunks or swimming. The characters will need oars or similar devices to steer the raft, or the current will draw them toward the island at the rate of 1 square per minute.

Halfway across the lake, the party will be attacked by a jawfish (MV Fast; IM 5; RS 50; STA 100; ATT 80; DM 3d10; SD Soft cover in water). They will see a fin 90 meters away. One turn later, the jawfish will attack. It will continue to attack once every third turn, circling the raft for two turns between attacks. The jawfish will circle 60 meters away for purposes of ranged weapons. Consider the jawfish to have soft cover, unless it is attacking a character.

The jawfish will normally attack the raft. Roll percentile dice each time the jawfish attacks; on a roll of 30% or less, the jawfish lifts itself out of the water and attacks a randomly determined character. The first time the javvfish attacks, it will destroy the raft. Once the raft is destroyed, it will be useless, but there is still a 70% chance the jawfish will attack it rather than the characters.

The jawfish will make four attacks after destroying the raft. It will then lose interest and swim away.


When you reach the island, you see several stands of mushroom- like fungi on its shores. A pasty, white growth covers the ground on the entire surface of the island.

As the characters explore the island, they will notice the fungi resemble some animals they have seen. Many clumps resemble rasties, shovelmouths, and other bizarre creatures. If the characters observe any of these strange formations carefully, they will notice the shapes are moving very slowly. This movement is nearly unnoticeable.

These odd-shaped clumps were once animals. The bizarre fungus which covers the island attaches itself to other living creatures and gradually replaces their cells with its own.

The only living thing the mutating fungus has not devoured is an isolated stand of giant mushroom fungi. (This stand of fungi has not been mutated because it is less than eight hours old. The lifespan of giant fungi is only 36 hours; it grows to its full size in one 12 hour period, fertilizes in the second 12 hour period, and dies by the end of the third 12 hour period.)

Any character who stays on the island for eight hours or more or who sleeps on the island for any period of time, will find a white, pasty growth covering parts of his body. This growth is identical to the white growth on Throm's face and tentacles. Any character remaining on the island for more than three days turns completely into fungus.

If the characters notice the fungus on their body within three hours, a medic must correctly diagnose the disease and treat it with antibody plus. This will destroy the fungus already diseasing the body, but the characters will not be immune to further attacks. Any body part not treated within three hours of a fungus attack must be amputated, or the entire body will turn into fungus.

Throm is convinced being turned into fungus is a form of eternal life. No amount of pleading will persuade him to leave the island; in fact, he will try to persuade the party members to stay on the island and rest.


This area is identical to area 13 A.


If any characters enter this area, read the following description to them:

You have just awakened. Apparently, you fell asleep after entering this area. You have no memory of anything after stepping into this area. Those of you who were wounded notice you have healed a great deal. You notice two large, indistinct footprints leading out of the room.

In fact, each character has healed 4d10 Points. The characters met an Eorna in this area, who used his medical knowledge to heal the characters. The Eorna did not wish the characters to know of the presence of his race, so he hypnotized them and erased any memory of the encounter. (It is very important that no hint of the Eorna be given to the characters.)

If some characters remained outside the room, they will be affected as though inside the room.


You hear many crashes in the room ahead, as if several objects of various sizes are being tossed about a small room.

A deranged maintenance robot brought into the caverns by the pirate in area 18 is cleaning the cavern room. The robot lost its broom and mop some time ago and has become deranged. It throws the rocks, boulders, and gravel from one section of the floor to another and attempts to sweep the dirt with its metallic hands.

It will continue sweeping until the rock floor is bare and smooth, then move to another section and repeat the process.

Though the robot will not attack the characters, it is still dangerous. There is a 20% chance a rock will hit a random party member, causing 1d10 points damage. Players more than 15 meters away from the robot cannot be hit by the rocks.

The robot is a level 1 maintenance robot that will ignore the characters unless they attack it or attempt to change its programming. It will attack any character attempting to do either of these things with its hands (1d10 damage).

It requires one turn to open the safety release catch on the robot's instrument panel.

18.) THE MAD PIRATE (RW 30; M 30; PS 3; IM 6; RS 55; STA 55)

From the gloomy passage ahead, you hear a Human voice singing,

    "Oh, we hijacked the ship and we took us guns,
    Li-dee-di-dee, li-dee-di-dee day-o.
    Came to Volturnus and drank some rum,
    Li-dee-di-dee, li-dee-di-dee day-o.

    "Now I'm lost in the caverns, no place to run,
    Li-dee-di-dee, li-dee-di-dee day-o.
    Anything moves, I shoots it with me gun,
    Li-dee-di-dee, li-dee-di-dee day-o."

Read the following description to the characters as they investigate:

You see a lone Human figure about 30 meters ahead, squatting next to a small fire in the center of the room. He appears to be roasting a skinned rastie, though you can't be certain since he is turned sideways to you and his body hides part of the fire. A red splotch on his left arm barely shows through his tattered shirt. A laser rifle attached to a power pack lies on the cavern floor next to him. The floor is littered with rastie bones, a large pile of moss, and a pile of rastie furs the man uses as a bed.

The pirate, Phalen the Black, will attack the characters on sight, using setting 4 on his laser rifle. When he drains the fresh pack attached to his rifle, he will fight with his bare hands. (The pack was his last supply of power.)

If captured alive, Phalen will reveal only his name. Like the maintenance robot he brought into the cavern, Phalen is now slightly deranged, and anything else he says will be gibberish. From time to time he will whisper that he is greatly afraid of turning into a fungus.

Careful inspection of Phalen's arm will show that the red blotch is a tattoo of a red devil surrounded by white stars. Phalen will escape as soon as he can.


As you stumble along the passageway, you see a beam of light far ahead. The air is warm and fresh, almost overwhelming after the days of breathing the dank cavern air.

This is the exit from the caverns. As the characters stumble out into the daylight, they will find they are once again in the desert. A large party of Ul-Mor are camped not more than 250 meters away, and, as the characters come out of the cavern, Athru will ride up to them on his loper. After greeting them, Athru will explain that after the cave- in, the Ul-Mor continued through the safe caverns and camped here, hoping the characters could find a way through the Forbidden Caverns. He is very glad to see them, and, after they have rested, he will take the characters to the Place of True Warriors.