The Advanced Game expands the Basic Game rules, adding new types of ships, new movement rules, more weapons and defenses and more detailed damage and repair rules. All of the rules from the Basic Game are used in the Advanced Game, but Advanced Game players have more decisions to make and more options to choose from.

The turn sequence for the Advanced Game is outlined below.

Side A's Turn
1. Movement Phase
    -- activate screens
    -- activate and move seekers
    -- move ships in orbit
    -- move other ships
2. Combat Phase
    -- roll for fire damage
    -- defensive fire
    -- offensive fire

Side B's Turn
1. Movement Phase
2. Combat Phase

Repair Turn (after every 3 turns)

The only changes are the addition of a Seeker Activation step, a dice roll for damage from fires burning on ships, and a Repair Turn following every three game turns. Seekers are explained under New Weapons; fires are explained under Damage; and Repair Turns are explained under Repairing Damaged Ships.


Three major changes are made to the movement rules in the Advanced Game. First. gravity has a greater effect on ships near planets. Second, ships can move off the map edge without being removed from the game. Third, ships that are damaged in battle can have their MR or ADF reduced (this is explained further under Effects of Damage).


A ship that is travelling straight toward a planet may get caught in the planet's gravity welI. A planet's gravity extends into the six hexes surrounding the planet. Any ship that enters one of these hexes by crossing the hexside directly opposite the planet's surface will be unable to pull away from the planet's gravity. The ship will crash into the planet and be totally destroyed. This is illustrated in the diagram on this page.

Moving Through Gravity Wells. A ship that moves through one of the six hexes surrounding a planet will have its facing changed by the planet's gravity. The ship's facing will be changed 60 degrees (one hexside) as the ship passes the planet. This effect is illustrated in the Gravity Diagram.

If a ship usesits MR to make a facing change away from the planet as it flies through the surrounding hexes, it can continue past on a straight course. The maneuver cancels the effect of the planet's gravity.

Ship A entered the planet's gravity well while headed straight toward the planet. Even if it turns in hex 2, it cannot escape the planet's gravity and will crash into the planet. Ship B is moving through the planet's gravity well. The planet's gravity changes the ship's course byturning it one hexside to the left. If the ship does not counter this by turning to the right, it will continue moving along its new course.

Moving Off The Map At the end of the Campaign Book is a perforated page printed with a hexagon pattern. If a player wants to move a ship off the edge of the map, this perforated page can be placed next to the map so the hex patterns match. Ships can move and maneuver on the page the same as on the map.

This page can be photocopied, so the map can be extended as much as the players want. If a ship keeps moving away from the map, additional pages can be added next to the first.

When only a few ships are in play, a ship leaving the map from one side can move onto the opposite side of the map. Players must remember that the ship moved off the far side of the map, and treat the ship as if it was on a separate map. Also, if a ship is about to move off the map, all counters on the map can be shifted the same number of hexes toward the other side of the map. This will give the ships more room to maneuver, without changing their relative positions.