New Types of Ships

Minelayer. A minelayer is a large, lightly armed ship. Its purpose is to place defensive mines and seeker missiles throughout a section of space. In order to place mines or seekers, the minelayer simply passes through the hex where the mines or seeker will be placed. The player controlling the minelayer writes down the hex number on a sheet of paper.

Mines are activated when an enemy ship enters the hex. A seeker can be activated at the start of its movement step on any turn. Only one group of mines can be in a hex at a time. Another pattern of mines can be placed in a hex after the first group detonates. There is no limit to the number of seekers that can be placed in a hex.

Light Cruiser. A light cruiser is a fast, heavily armed ship. Light cruisers maneuver almost as well as destroyers, but carry almost as many weapons as a heavy cruiser.

Civilian. Civilian craft serve a wide range of purposes and vary in size and performance as much as military ships. Some standard designs include mining and ore transport ships, passenger liners, scientific research and exploration ships. In the Advanced Game, they are used only as objectives to be protected or attacked by warships.

Advanced Game Ship Statistics

Each type of ship that can be used in the Advanced Game is listed in this section. All of the information on weapons, defenses, movement and damage control that is needed for play is included. Players should read this section carefully, since the specifications used in the Advanced Game are different from those in the Basic Game.

The format used for each ship will be:

Ship Type:Hull Points; ADF; MR; Damage Control Rating

The following abbreviations are used for weapons:

AR=Assault RocketsM=Mines
DC=Disruptor Beam CannonPB=Proton Beam Battery
EB=Electron Beam BatteryRB=Rocket Battery
LB=Laser Beam BatteryS=Seeker Missiles
LC=Laser Beam CannonT=Torpedos

Defenses use the following abbreviations:

RH=Reflective HullSS=Stasis Screen
ES=Electron ScreenMS=Masking Screen
PS=Proton ScreenICM=Interceptor Missiles

Fighter: HP 8 ADF 4 MR 5 DCR 30
Weapons: AR(x3)
Defenses: RH

Assault Scout: HP 15 ADF 5 MR 4 DCR 50
Weapons: AR(x4) LB
Defenses: RH

Frigate: HP 40 ADF 4 MR 3 DCR 70
Weapons: LC RB(x4) LB T(x2)
Defenses: RH MS(x2) ICM(x4)

Destroyer: HP 50 ADF 3 MR 3 DCR 75
Weapons: LC RB(x4) LB T(x2) EB
Defenses: RH MS(x2) ICM(x5)

Minelayer: HP 50 ADF 1 MR 2 DCR 75
Weapons: M(x20) S(x4) LB(x2)
Defenses: RH ICM(x4)

Light Cruiser: HP 70 ADF 3 MR 2 DCR 100
Weapons: DC LB EB PB RB(x6) T(x4)
Defenses: RH ES SS ICM(x8)

Heavy Cruiser: HP 80 ADF 2 MR 1 DCR 120
Weapons: LB(x2) PB EB DC S(x2) T(x4) RB(x8)
Defenses:RH ES PS SS ICM(x4)

Assault Carrier: HP 75 ADF 2 MR 1 DCR 150
Weapons: LB PB RB(x8) fighter(x10)
Defenses: RH MS(x4) ICM(x10)

Battleship: HP 120 ADF 2 MR 2 DCR 200
Weapons: DC LB(x3) PB EB(x2) S(x4) T(x8) RB(x10)
Defenses: RH ES PS SS ICM(x12)

Space Station: (Statistics for stations vary with the size and type of station.)
HP 20-300 ADF 0 MR 0 DCR 1/2 HP
Weapons: 1 EB, LB, PB or RB per 50 HP
Defenses: RH All Screens ICM(x4-24)