A form containing four ship rosters is printed on the inside back cover of the Knight Hawks Campaign Book. This form can be photocopied for personal use during Knight Hawks games.

The sample below shows how the form should be filled out for a typical light cruiser. The area of boxes can be used to mark off LTD weapons. The light cruiser on the sample form carries six rocket batteries (RB), four torpedos (T), and eight interceptor missiles (ICM). Unused boxes are darkened or crossed off to show that they are not available.

The Damaged Systems box is needed only if players are using the Advanced Game Damage Table.


Players interested in expanding their Knight Hawks games can use miniature metal spaceships instead of the cardboard counters included with the game. Besides being fun to paint and collect, metal miniatures are more intersting and add a new degree of excitement to the game. Be sure to look for TSR's STAR FRONTIERS Spaceship Miniatures, available wherever Knight Hawks is sold.

If the minatures are small enough, they can be used directly on the space map. Playing with miniatures is most fun, however, when they are used without a map. To do this, simply convert all measurements to inches by letting on inch equal 10,000 km (the size of one hex).

For example, a ship that is moving with a speed of 5 travels 5 inches. If it has an ADF of 3, it can increase or decrease its movement by three inches per turn.

A ship can turn up to 60 degrees when it uses one MR point -- this can be measured with a protractor or a cardboard template. A ship can turn less than 60 degrees, but this still uses one whole MR point. For extra realism, players can allow a ship to make several turns that add up to 60 degrees for one MR point.

Planets and moons can be cut out of cardboard and colored however the players like. These planets can be cut to reflect their real size, unlike the counters in the game. For example, the Earth would be 1.3 inches in diameter. The moon would be .3 inches in diameter, 38 inches away from the Earth.