In FY 110 (Frontier Year 110) something new appeared in the Frontier. It was an encyclopedia compiled by the University of Zebulon documenting all the known flora, fauna, cultures, devices, and history of the Frontier in one place. The handy Ceretronix Pocket 1200 version quickly became a necessary piece of equipment in every pioneer's and spacer's kit. TSR Inc. is proud to make this low-priced paper-and-ink edition available on worlds without an authorized Ceretronix dealer.

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First printing November 1985

Printed in the U.S.A.
Designed by Kimber Eastland
Special Contributions from Bruce Nesmith
Edited by Mike Breault, Steve Winter,
and Anne Gray McCready
Graphic Design by Ruth Hoyer, Dennis Kauth,
Colleen O'Malley, Mike Breault, and Steve Winter
Stellar Map by Dennis Kauth
Cover Painting by Keith Parkinson
Illustrations by Mario D. Macari
Typography by Linda Bakk, Betty Elmore,
and Carolyn Vanderbilt
With special thanks from the designer to the following people for field testing over the years: Brian Blume, Bruce Brachman, John Dennett, Gene Eisner, Bruce Heard, Harold Johnson, Don Jones, Mary Kirchoff, Mike Lange, Debbi Miller, Marty Miller, Dan Sample, Carl Smith, Curtis Smith, Don Snow, Skip Williams, Joel Young, and dozens of others whose characters were offered up "for research's sake."