"Pssst! Psssssssstt!"

The Yazirian walking through the Minzii marketplace slowed when he heard the hissing and glanced around. He was a dangerous-looking type, possibly one of the newly arrived mercenaries brought in to settle a mega-corp dispute on the other side of Bizarre. He located the source of the third "pssst" and stooped down next to the stall selling Grothian crystals.

Standing underneath the crystal-laden table was an Ifshnit, black body hair carefully braided in the manner of a roving Capellan merchant. His tiny stature was emphasized by the gun case he was leaning on; compared to his own diminutive height it looked like a huge suitcase.

"Greeted well, simian warrior."

The enforcer had no liking for word games but knew Ifshnit customs demanded that the potential customer recognize the merchant as an honorable tradesman.

Searching his mind for the correct phrasing, the Yazirian stammered, "Uh, recognized with respect and delight, esteemed shopkeeper. What might you have in the way of special items for a needy enforcer."

The little face grinned, huge eyes glistening with delight. "Oh nothing, surely, that a traveled, experienced personage such as yourself has not seen in his past wanderings. Only some trinkets and unusual weapons."

The last remark was meant to tantalize. It did.

The warrior, feeling a fool for kneeling in the marketplace's dirt street and appearing as if he was talking to a table, began growling with irritation.

"Show me anyway, distinguished barterer, that I may broaden my experience."

The Ifshnit waved his ringed hand in the air. "No, no, I could not humiliate myself by revealing to your seasoned eyes my meager wares no matter how rare they may be."

"All right you little pirate," the Yazirian snapped, temper flaring and teeth bared. "I have a few precious minutes before I 'bap' to another part of your soggy planet. Do you have something to sell or not?"

Though ruffled by the Yazirian's impatience, the Ifshnit felt confident of a sale. Smiling enigmatically, he flipped open the weapon case and turned it toward the monkeyish face. Inside, the strangely shaped weapon gleamed, even in the shade of the table. Its muzzle was still sealed by the manufacturer's stamp, proving the weapon had never been used.

The Yazirian's eyes narrowed. ''Is this authentic?" A slight nod from the merchant sent the warrior's eyes back to the beckoning weapon.

Small, jeweled hands snapped open compartments and removed insulating panels. ''A WarTech Omega Bolt with tooled krickhide holster. The belt holds six powerclips."

The Yazirian smiled slowly, licking his lips. ''I think we can do business, esteemed one."

Welcome to Zebulon's Guide to Frontier Space. This book is your introduction to the of ficial, updated, streamlined version of the STAR FRONTIERS® Alpha Dawn roleplaying game.

Within this book you will find new player character and non-player character races, and an optional STAR FRONTIERS character, the mentalist. A set of rules for skills that incorporates over 100 skills and allows much more freedom in character development is introduced, along with a new set of combat rules that speeds up and simplifies game play.

The second part of this book gives you more background on the Frontier than was ever available before. It describes the current limits of the Frontier, complete with expanded planet descriptions, a map of known Frontier systems, a brief history of the Frontier sector, background on the megacorporations, cadres, and cults that control the UPF, and a large section on new equipment: weapons, defenses, security devices, body computers, and more.

This book is designed for use with the STAR FRONTIERS Alpha Dawn role-playing game and cannot be properly used without it. It builds upon that game's foundation, but does not completely replace it. The referee should have a working knowledge of the STAR FRONTIERS game before using this product.

Climb aboard, but be prepared to enter a new Frontier full of wonders that you never dared dream of.


The Osakar, Ifshnits, and Humma have inhabited the Rim System worlds for centuries. They were incorporated into Frontier society during the Second Sathar War (SWII) when their help was desperately needed.

While they are legally entitled to all the rights and privileges of UPF members, antiRim prejudice is common on worlds that are several jumps away from the Sathar border. Inhabitants of these protected worlds view the Rim as a collection of "Znoggy Come Latelies" (a PanGal term for anyone who arrives after the rough work is done, supposedly inspired by Captain Znogg whose forgotten warship never fired a shot and was never hit by one). This prejudice is never found on those planets that were directly involved in the Second Sathar War.

The fourth race, the Mechanons is included because its presence on the Frontier has had increasing impact in the last few decades. The Mechanons should be used only as non-player characters, like the Sathar. They are not, however, an evil race. It just so happens that most Mechanon interests conflict with the interests of the Frontier and the UPF.