Rim Coalition refers to those recently contacted star systems outside of the United Planetary Federation and generally located on the other side of the Xagyg Dust Nebula and the Lesser Morass. The Rim is a loose collection of system governments, much less organized than the UPF, drawn together by the constant threat of Sathar invasion. It is on peaceful terms with the UPF and they were allies in the Second Sathar War (SWII). Further Rim information can be found throughout this book, in the sections dealing with the new PC races, the timeline, and the planetary catalogue.

The Council of Worlds refers to the diplomatic organization that the UPF worlds have created. It is a forum for discussion and debate where the grievances and desires of the UPF Frontier worlds are expressed. In more recent times, it is the Council of Worlds (or simply, the Council) that represents the Frontier worlds' wishes to the actual UPF bureaucracy. Sometimes tensions and personal ambitions between members of these two authoritative bodies clash.

Nebulae (plural of nebula) are vast clouds of gas and dust found in interstellar space. Most of the nebulae found throughout the Frontier are "dark nebulae" that absorb the light of stars. Other types of nebulae that might be enountered are "emission nebulae" (bright clouds of gas found around young, hots stars), "reflection nebulae" (clouds of gas and dust that reflect the light of the young, cool stars they surround), and "planetary nebulae" (expanding spheres of gas that have been expelled from the surface of old, dying stars).


The map shows the Frontier, including both the United Planetary Federation and the Rim Coalition, plus all of the known stellar features of Frontier space. The map shows the location of all settled systems, unexplored systems, known neutron and binary stars, and dust and gas clouds.

The solid lines connecting the planetary systems are established travel routes. These are well-established routes, safe from both natural hazards (space debris, etc.) and unnatural hazards (pirates). The distance in light-years along each route is printed along each solid line. Starships can travel one light-year per day, so this number is also the number of days it takes to cross the route. Stars without star routes connecting them to rest of the Frontier have secret routes that are known only to Star Law or a mega-corp.

Most civilized planets and systems still have not been completely explored and settled. Many new planets, moons, and star systems have been discovered and await further development. In addition, because of a devastating plague in years past, there are some forbidden plaents that have not been contacted in the last few centuries.


Each major inhabited planet is listed here. Eight characteristics are given for each planet; these characteristics are detailed below.

Prevalent Race (PR) gives the most common race on the planet (usually the race that controls the government). Some of these races were the original colonizing race, others have gained control through years of immigration.

Abbreviations are used to indicate which race colonized planet: D = Dralasites, H = Humans, V = Vrusk, Y = Yazirians, If = Ifshnits, Hu = Humma, O = Osakar, Me = Mechanons, * = a mixture of races, and Co = a mega-corp that is colonizing and developing the planet, usually with a mixture of races. If two races share dominance and control of a planet, they are both listed, as H/V (Human & Vrusk), for example.

Population (Pop.) inidicates how many intelligent beings live on the planet and how many cities there are. This information is given in a two- to three-letter code that describes the population size.

Hvy -- Heavy population: The planet has numerous large cities and hundreds of smaller cities. Individual cities may be considered "maxi-cities" that cover thousands of square kilometers.

Mod -- Moderate population: The planet has several large cities and numerous small cities.

Lt -- Light population: The planet has only a few small cities.

Out - Outpost: The planet contains only a small outpost or colony. At most, it has only one small city and possibly some small settlements located nearby.

Trade (Tr.) indicates the planet's major trade(s). Each major trade is listed with a one letter code. Some planets have more than one major trade item. The trade item(s) listed are the most important. The abbreviations follow.

I -- Industry: Most of the planet's economy is based on manufacturing. Cities are built around factories, processing planets, or roboplants, and most of the inhabitants work there. Raw materials may either be mined on the planet or shipped in from another planet.

R -- Resource Mining: The plnet is rich in natural resources like metals, fossil fuels, gems, crystals, or radioactive materials. Most of these raw materials are shiped to industrial planets for processing.

A -- Agriculture: The planet's economy is based on farming, whether natural or synthetic. This includes grain farming, fruit or vegetable farming, livestock, fish, lumber, textiles, and other such businesses.

M -- Military: The planet is an ideal location for a huge military complex. This requires some industry and resource mining to be conducted on the planet and the planet is under the tightest security. Military planets are usually developed by a mega-corp that needs room for development, growth, and testing (like WarTech's Solar Major) or by a large planetary system that needs to heavily fortify a sector in space (like the Frontier's development of Moonworld in the Lynchpin system.

E -- Education: The planet's chief industry is educational or scientific study. The only planet that is entirely educational is Anker in the Zebulon system where the University of Zebulon is located.

B -- Business: The planet's chief product is mercantile operations. Such a planet usually has offices on it for middle-sized companies and mega-corps along with massive showrooms and demonstration areas. Also in abundance are thousands of bazaars where one can find almost everything imaginable. Some planets, such as Minotaur, are tourist centers that make a large amount of their planetary income on vacation sites and amusement parks.

T -- High-Tech Industry: The planet excels in either research and development of, manufacturing of, or advanced use of highly advanced technology. Tachton Industries and Interplanetary Industries are both good examples of these types of high-tech centers.

Gravity (Grav.) is the strength of gravity on the planet. It is measured in relation to 1 g, Earth-normal gravity. The full effects of gravity are explained in the original Star Frontiers Alpha Dawn game rules.

Length of Day (Day) is the number of Earth hours the planet takes to complete one rotation on its axis (24 hours for the Earth).

Artificial Satellites (Sat.) lists the various types of large manned stations that may orbit the planet. The first three are explained in the Star Frontiers Knight Hawks game: SF = UPF Space Fortress, FSS = Fortified Space Station, and ASS = Armed Space Station. There are several new types of satellites.

TS -- Trading Stations: These "malls in space" are usually found in very secure space sectors. They are restricted by UPF law to sell only those items not produced on the planet they orbit. Trading stations also have facilities for restocking spaceships.

RRS -- Rest and Relaxation Station: These space stations specialize in entertainment facilities such as holo-shows, live theatre, casinos, loounges, and sporting events. They also cover recreation facilities such as zoos, adventure theme parks, and, on some of the planets with more hostile environments, "outdoor" parks that offer hiking, biking, climbing, boating, etc. Usually there is a wide range of packages for the onboard hotel facilities so it is possible for people to vacation there over extended periods of time.

DS -- Docking Station: These spaCe stations provide facilities for the repair, refurbishment, and complete overhaul of spaceships. Some are also shipyards where new spaceships are built. Every type of space station can handle light repairs on space ships, but only a docking station can handle seriously damaged ships.

On the Frontier each non-military space station has a Star Law Officer on board with a contingent of deputies. While the station's General Manager is responsible for all the normal funcitojns on board the space station, Star Law is the law. Non-military space stations are considered part of the planet they orbit and not under Spacefleet's jurisdiction, though the ships that shuttle between the space stations and the planets fall within Spacefleet's jurisdiction.

Moons and their Uses (Moons) lists the major natural satellites orbiting the planet in ascending order, i.e., the first moon listed is the closest to the planet, the second moon listed is farther away, etc. Uses indicate the primary operations, if any, occurring on that moon. These operations can range from four-man scientific expeditions to full-scale mining operations. The actual nature and extend of the operations are left to the referee. The abbreviations for moon uses are identical to those used for planet trade listings: A = Agriculture, I = Industry, etc. A new listing of C (Colonization) is added for moons.


Each planet is listed after the star it orbits. Normal stars, called Main Sequence (MS) stars, fall into seven categories, called spectral classes. The spectral class of a star indicates the star's surface temperature and depends on the mass of the star. The spectral classes of the stars of the Frontier are given in parentheses after the name of the stars in the planetary list (on the following pages). The table below gives some characteristics of the seven spectral classes of MS stars, as well as those of three non-MS stars.


                                                                  Maximum #
Class   Color   Temp    Lifetime   Radius    of Planets
  O       Blue     30,000       10         15              none
  B       Blue     15,000       80          5              none
  A       Blue     10,000      1,000        2               5
  F       White    7,000      3,000       1.5             10+
  G      Yellow    5,500     10,000        1              15+
  K      Orange    4,000     80,000       0.5            15+
  M       Red      2,500     125,000      0.2            10

Non-Ms Stars:
  RG      Red      3,000       0.5        15               5
  SG      Blue    10,000       0.1        500             none
  WD     White   15,000       ---       0.01             none

Notes on Star Table

Radius is in terms of out sun's radius (700,000 kilometers).
Temp is surface temperature in degrees Kelvin.
Lifetime is star's stable lifetime, in millions of years.

The number given in the MS Star Table are only appoximate and the referee has some leeway in assigning star's characteristics.

Each spectral class (O, B, A, etc.) is further split into 10 subclassed numbered 0 to 9, with 0 being the hottest and 9 being the coolest. Thus an A0 star is the hottest type A star while an A9 star is the coolest type of A star. The spectral classes and subclasses form a continuous sequence from the hottest MS star down to the coolest (an A9 star is just slightly hotter than an F0 star, for example).

Main Sequence stars from from O5 (the hottest MS stars found thus far) to M9 (the coolest MS stars). Our sun is a G2 star.


The following list is a catalogue of known habitable planets on the Frontier. There are hundreds of other planets, either unexplored or uninhabitable, that are not shown in this catalogue.

Star (Sp. Cl)
  Planet         PR     Pop    TR     Grav
Day   Sat          Moons      Uses


Araks (G4)
  Hentz          Y      Hvy    I      0.7    25    FSS,DS,TS    None
Athor (K2)
  Yast           Y      Mod    A      1.0    15    None         Exib       A
                                                                Ime        None
Cassidine (G8)
  Rupert's Hole  H      Mod    IA     0.9    20    ASS,TS       None
  Triad          *      Hvy    IT     1.1    30    ASS,DS       Evergleem  C
Devco (F9)
  Cass           Co     Lt     R      1.6    12    None         None
Dixon's Star (G0)
  Laco           H      Mod    I      1.4    60    None         Saucer     None
Dramune (K1)
  Inner Reach    D      Mod    AI     0.8    20    ASS,TS       Pell       A
  Outer Reach    *      Mod    IR     1.0    35    ASS,RRS      Kard       R
                                                                Tars       R
                                                                Etric      None
                                                                Tolk       None
Fromeltar (G5)
  Groth          D      Lt     A      1.2    45    ASS          None
  Terledrom      D/V    Hvy    I      1.0    60    ASS          Wikk       C
                                                                Leen       I
                                                                Masg       None
Gruna Garu (G8)
  Hargut         Y      Hvy    BR     1.1    20    ASS          Trefrom    C
K'aken-Kar (K8)
  Ken'zah-Kit    V      Mod    A      0.9    25    FSS          None
Kizk'-Kar (G2)
  Zik-Kit        V      Mod    IR     1.0    65    ASS,TS       None
K'tsa-Kar (K0)
  Kawdl-Kit      V      Lt     E      0.7    30    ASS,RRS      None
Liberty (G1)
  Snowball       Spec   Lt     E      0.9    32    Spec         Akhala     C
Lynchpin (K2)
  Moonworld      H      Hvy    M      1.3    25    SF,DS        Pen        C
                                                                Ringold    R
                                                                Dillon     B
                                                                Hachiman   M
                                                                Ares       M
                                                                Huan-Ti    M
                                                                Huitz      M
                                                                Nuada      M
                                                                Enlil      M
Madderly's Star (G3)
  Kdikit         H      Mod    IA     1.0    30    SF,DS,TS     Shang-Ti   I
                                                                Tsukiy     None
                                                                Zeus       None
                                                                Jupiter    B
                                                                Odin       None
Mechan (K7)
  Mechano        Me     Hvy    IT     2.0    30    None(?)      None
New Streel (G2)
  Corpco         Co     Lt     AT     1.0    35    None         None
Pan-Gal (G8)
  Exodus         Co     Mod    IT     1.3    20    None         None
  Genesis        Co     Out    E      0.8    25    None         Asperon    M
                                                                Belv       E
Prenglar (F9)
  Gran Quivera   *      Hvy    BI     1.0    15    FSS          None
  Morgaine's     H      Mod    BIA    1.5    40    SF,DS        Grey       R
   World                                           RRS,TS       Gold       None
                                                                White      M
                                                                Black      None
Rhianna (G6)
  Alcazzar       Co     Lt     R      0.8    V     None         A1-7       ?
Scree Fron (K7)
  Hakosoar       Y      Mod    AI     0.9    50    None         Inti       E
                                                                Infi       R
  Histran        Y      Out    E      0.6    25    None         A-G        None
Solar Major (F3)
  Ringar         V      Mod    B      1.5    40    None         None
Solar Minor (F8)
  Circe          H/V    Lt     A      1.0    20    RRS,ASS      Ulysseus   M
  Kir'-Kut       H/V    Lt     I      1.2    18    TS           None
Sundown (K9)
  Starmist       *      Out    E      1.0    25    None         None
Theseus (G1)
  Minotaur       H      Hvy    BI     1.2    15    FSS          None
Timeon (G5)
  Lossend        H      Lt     AI     0.7    70    ASS          None
Tristkar (K0)
  Kraatar        V/H    Lt     AIT    0.6    18    None         Tivalla    None
                                                                Setarz     None
Truane's Star (G7)
  New Pale       H      Lt     A      1.4    20    ASS          None
  Pale           *      Hvy    IR     0.9    55    SF,DS,TS     Dan        C
                                                                Joe        M
                                                                Sven       None
Waller Nexus (G0)
  Mahg Mar       *      Out    E      0.9    24    None         None
White Light (F7)
  Golloywog      H      Hvy    R      1.0    50    SF,DS        None
Zebulon (G2)
  Anker          *      Mod    E      0.9    20    RRS          Plato      None
  Volturnus      *      Lt     BI     1.0    24    ASS          Leo        None
                                                                Lulu       None


Capella (G6)
  Faire          If     Mod    B      0.7    45    DS           Astraa     A
                                                                Flaund     None
  Homeworld      If     Mod    A      1.5    15    TS           Bigoo      I
                                                                Haasan     None
                                                                Kleevor    M
  Ifshna         If     Mod    BT     0.6    22    RRS          None
Cryxia (K5)
  Pi'Ka'Nair     *      Hvy    A      0.5    12    None         Bu'd       None
  T'zaan         *      Mod    A      1.0    20    TS           None
Fochrik (F9)
  Forge          Hu     Hvy    I      0.8    40    None         Anvil      M
  Hum            Hu     Hvy    R      0.9    30    TS           Kran       C
                                                                Glak       M
                                                                Clud       None
  Larg           Hu     Mod    RI     1.1    35    None         None
Kazak (G1)
  Stenmar        *      Mod    RA     1.0    25    DS,RRS       Brount     M
                                                                Bernt      M
                                                                Bilf       None
                                                                Brunt      M
Klaeok (G8)
  Point Go       *      Lt     R      1.6    90    DS,TS        None
Osak (G4)
  Fhloid         O      Out    M      0.8    20    None         None
  Osaka          O      Hvy    I      1.1    25    FSS,DS       Obladee    C
                                                                Ontair     R
                                                                Octon      B
                                                                Onmar      None
  Piscatien      O/If   Out    E      1.0    35    None         None
  Reanee         *      Mod    B      1.0    20    None         None
  Wonma          *      Lt     AT     1.2    30    ASS          Weskin     E
                                                                Weot       None


(alphabetical by star system)

This section includes major footnotes on some planets that may be helpful to the referee. Not every planet is noted here, and ther referee may wish to add more planets of his own.

Hentz (Araks) is ruled by a religious clan, the Family of One. The city of Onehome is also the headquarters for GOD-Co., the terraforming mega-corp. Everyone who lives one Hentz or workds for GOD-Co. wears a uniform denoting his job and social position.

Venturi (Belnafaer) is a gas giant in the uninhabited system (See map). It is one of the major sources of very complex, unstable biochemicals that are highly valued as catalysts for industrial processes. One of the many moons, Snobol, is a large, lumpy block of water ice and carbon dioxide ice to which is tethered the starship Moneyspider. The there is a microdistillation column that helps to collect the valuable biochemicals. The system is being developed by ByChem, a subsidiary of A.I.P.S.

Triad (Cassidine) is a major industrial planet where high-technology items are manufactured and sold. Cassidine Development Corporation has its headquarters in the planet's capital, New Hope. Interplanetary Industries has its huge, fortress-like headquarters based in Lake Vast, the major seaport. Nesmith Enterprises of Triad occupies most of the Malicon Valley's developmental sites as its headquarters.

Cass (Devco) is a mega-corp planet founded by the Cassidine Development Corporation as a refuge for the multitudes that were left homeless by the Blue Plague.

Laco (Dixon's Star) was originally founded by Humans. During the First Sathar War tens of thousands fled to Laco from Pale and New Pale after Sathar attacks. As Laco was a prime industrial planet with no agricultural production, the survivors soon began to starve to death. If not for the intervention of the Capellan Free Merchants, the entire population might have been totally eliminated. Without any effective government and with a reduced population, Laco looked to the mega-corps for assitance. Conflicting interests soon arose and led to Laco's War between PGC and the Streel Corp. Today Laco's primary industries are owned by PGC.

Inner Reach (Dramune) has an unusual planetary custom. The Dralasites who live there dye their skin various colors to show them mood for the day. The dyes wash off easily. SynthCorp built its own city, Synthtown, on Inner Reach as its base of operations.

Outer Reach (Dramune) is a gathering place for criminals and outlaws of all types. People there do not ask strangers how they make their living.

Terledrom (Fromeltar) is ruled by a council of Vrusk companies and elected Dralasites. Trans-Travel is a planetary corporation and the chief employer of Terledrom. Its headquarters are based in Sengsen, the major city.

Hargut (Gruna Garu) is the buisness headquarters for WarTech Inc., based in the major starport of Heston, and the Association of Intergalactic Power Suppliers, based in Klaktow, Hargut's largest city.

Zik-kit (Kizk'-Kar) has many rich mineral deposits. The raw ores are exported mainly to Terledrom for manufacturing.

Kawdl-Kit (K'tsa-Kar) is the UPF outpost charged with scanning for Sathar in the direction of the White Light Nebulae.

Snowball (liberty) is one of the newest inhabited planets. It has a Human-like native race (the Mhemne) that has split into three distinct societies, one of which inhabits itsmoon and artifical satellites. Snowball has a lot of trouble with Sathar that are believed to be the last suviving remnants of the Sathar Third Fleet that was driven into the Vast Expanse during the SWII. The safe star route to Liberty is unknown except to Star Lawmen.

Moonworld (Lynchpin) is a large planet with nine moons porbiting, all belonging to the UPF. Access to the system is almost impossible due to its military nature. Star Law has its Ranger Academy on Dillon, one of the moons. The capital of Moonworld is Stronghold. The UPF Space Fortress is named Defiant.

Kdikit (Madderly's Star) is the headquarters for MercCo. A huge MercCo training base is located about five kilometers north of the major city of Buckerton. The UPF Space Fortress is named Kdikit.

Mechano (Mechan) is not yet a member of the UPF. Itwas founded before SWII by Mechanons escaping persecution on Volturnus. Because of the Mechanon's non-organic nature, the UPF is proceeding slowly with the Mechanon request to join the UPF. No known bioform has ever set footon Mechano and its atmosphere is reported to be deadly to orgainc life. (See Volturnus for more information on Mechanons.)

Corpco (New Streel) is a mega-corp planet, founded by the Streel Corporation in an attempt to enter the argiculture industry.

Exodus (Pan-Gal) is a mega-corp planet founded by PGC. Its use is not known to any save PGC.

Genesis (Pan-Gal) is a mega-corp planet founded by PGC for the purposes of establishing a secure base for their research labs.

Gran Quivera (Prenglar) is known as the Hub of the Frontier. Star Law, Pan-Galactic Corporation, Galactic Task Force Inc., and the United Planetary Federation all have headquarters at Port Loren, the major city.

Morgaine's World (Prenglar) is quickly developing into one of the finest planets on the frontier. It is the only planet to have a UPF Space Fortress, a docking space station, a rest and relxation space station, and a trading space station all orbiting it. Spacefleet's Gollwin Academy also orbits it. The UPF Space Fortress is named Gollwin.

The steadily climbing population has yet to make use of more than 20% of the surface area of this large planet. The planetary government is well orgainzed and has created some of the Frontier's most progressive laws for racial equality, religious rights, the concerns of the public vs. the government, and so forth. Many investors look to Morgaine's World to usurp Gran Quivera's position as the Hub of the Frontier in the next few decades. Brilliant auroras light up the night sky over most of the planet (except for the equatorial regions).

Alcazzar (Rhianna) is unusual in that its equator is tilted 90 degrees to the plane of its orbit about Rhianna. This causes severe seasonal temperature variations. The northern and southern hemispheres alternate season of unlivable cold and heat. Only about the equator is habitation possible. Tremendous wind storms sweep Alcazzar's surface at all times. Only WarTech Inc. navigators know the star route to Rhianna.

Hakosoar (Scree Fron) is headquarters for Universal Households, the apparel, household furnishings, and houseing mega-corp. UniHo developed the city of Hyyay as its operations base.

Histran (Scree Fron) is the location of the UPF outpost that keeps an eye on the Mechan system, the Lesser Morass, and that sector of the Vast Expanse.

Ringar (Solar Major) is the mega-corp planet founded by WarTech Inc. for the purposes of expanding their production capabilties and establishing a secure and exclusive testing site. Ringar is very heavily guarded.

Circe (Solar Minor) is a mega-corp planet founded that was colonized, along with the planet Kir-Kut, by SynthCorp for the purposes of experimenting with foodstuffs required by Humans and Vrusk.

Starmist (Sundown) is a UPF scientific base for thestudy of alien flora and fauna. Only Starfleet has knowledge of the star route to Sundown.

Minotaur (Theseus) is the headquarters for Starplay Enterprises (StarEnt also maintains offices on all rest and relaxation space stations). Their base of operations is the planet's capital city, Maze, the largest vacation spot on the Frontier. Ninland (named after its founded, Siot Nin) is an amusement park beyond belief.

Lossend (Timeon) is the home of Tachton Instruments and also lays claim to the Frontier's highest mountain peak, Mt. Spire.

Pale (Truane's Star) is the starting point of the only known starship route through the Xagyg Dust Nebulae. Currently all travel to Rim planets must pass this way. The Streel Corporation is headquartered in the planet's capital, Point True. The UPF Space Fortress is named Pale.

Mahg Mar (Waller Nexus) was recently discovered and is not yet well explored. It has already gained notoriety, however, as the site of the first UPF spaceship mutiny (on the Eleanor Moraes). The star route to Mahg Mar is a guarded secret of the UPF's Planetary Survey Administration.

Gollywog (White Light) is a beautiful, pristine planet on the edge of the White Light Mebulae. Gollywog's major city, Moline, is the base of operations for Eversafe Enterprises. The UPF Space Fortress is named Redoubt.

Anker (Zebulon) is the site of the University of Zebulon, the Frontier's largest and most prestigious institution of learning. The entire planet has been set aside for the U of Z, as well as one of the Frontier's largest zoos.

Volturnus (Zebulon) is a multi-cultured planet full of adventure. The Eornic robots of old have evolved into today's Mechanons. Thefew Mechanons who remain on Volturnus are hostile toward orgainc life forms. Since it became a UPF system, the Mechanons have had many social upheavals, including the exodus that led to the founding of Mechanon.


Little is known about the Rim planets (the statistics given for the Rim Worlds are compiled from various sources: long range probes, Capellan Free Merchants, etc.). The Rim is a loose confederation of planets with a small spacefleet called the FLight. The government is known as the Coalition. The Rim, like the UPF, has been invaded by the Sathar in the past, leading the Capellan Free Merchants to search for allies. For this reason the Free Merchants ventured into Frontier space shortly after the end of the First Sathar War. The Coalition and the UPF signed multiple treaties and mututal protection pacts against alien invaders.

The native peoples of the Rim are the Ifshnit, the Osakar, and the Humma. Only in the last decade or so have Yazirians, Dralasites, Vrusk, and Humans entered the Rim in any great numbers. The UPF and Rim enjoy cordial relations and the two civilizations complement each other; the Frontier provides military experts, industrial savvy, and organizational workings while the Rim contributes vast planetary fleets of explorers and merchantment, its venturous races, and its vulnerable yet strategic location in the path of Sathar invasions.

It must be rememebered that the Rim planets are not suburbs of the UPF and that the Capellan Free Merchants, while keeping a low profile, can be the most devious of mega-corps.

The only planet of the Rim that is well known ot the UPF is Faire in the Capella system. It is a watery world with five large islands as its only land masses. Each of these islands has a large bazaar area and innumerable corporate showrooms. It is said that anything can be purchased on Faire... for a price.