The mega-corporations are not the only "power-brokers" in Frontier society. Two others are the various cardes and cults that have gained substantial followings. They are by no means all public, and some are almost impossible to encounter, but they exist and pursue their beliefs nonetheless.

Cadres are planetary organizations of people who are all members of the same profession (except the Spacers who can be found throughout the Frontier). There are cadres of teachers, miners, public transportation operators, and so forth. These cadres are constantly battling the mega-corps for more credits, more benefits, and more control over their occupations. Sometimes a cadre is honest, sometimes not, but lately many of them have been studying the renewed militancy with which the mega-corps pursue their goals. Some of the more powerful cadres, such as the Synthfood Workers or the Brotherhood of Spacers, may resort to their own brand of militancy to resolve differences in the future. Star Law is monitoring cadres carefully at the present time.

Cults spring up everywhere but usually fade within the year Some are religious, some are social, others comprise outright fanatics who like to express themselves in bizarre ways. Of the hundreds of known cults throughout the Frontier, a few have emerged over the last two years that present a very real danger.

The Silver Death Cult is an underground terrorist organization that exists to eradicate all intelligent artifical lifeforms from the Frontier. The organization actually started when the Mechanons began their famous exodus from Zebulon and settled on Mechan. Over the years, the SDC has gatered more militants into its ranks. Its pose is that of a patriotic organization that wishes to keep the Sathar out of the Frontier by preventing their mechanical agents from infiltrating society.

The Free Frontiersmen Foundation (FFF) once was a legitimate politcal faction within the UPF. Over the years it lost members and political pull, and eventually a right-wing group took control of the organization. While it is still public, many FFF agents and operations are covert and terrorist oriented. The purpose is to overthrow the UPF and supplant it with a fascist, galaxy-spanning government. The FFF will stop at nothing to achieve its goals.

The Anti-Satharian League is one of the youngest cults. It has only existed for a few years, but its numbers have swelled remarkable. It is an ultra-conservative group that constantly pushes the UPF for massive military build-ups to face the "inevitable Sathar third attack." They sometimes ally themselvs with the Silver Death Cult in their attempts to root out Sathar agents, but they suspect machines and people alike.

The League is an extremely public orgainzation, but recently Star Law has received information suggesting that it has infiltrated many levels of government and is actually behind many covert operations that have been blamed on otehr cults. The League is led by J. Harrington Farnsworth, a Human billi-creditaire.

The Frontier Peace Organization believes that too many credits are being spent on Star Law, Landfleet, and Spacefleet. Lately, they have even suggested that one of the reasons for the Sathar attacks is the Sathar fear of a UPF and Rim military threat to their existence. The FPO promotes isolationism for the UPF and extreme cutbacks in military units on all planets and in the UPF in general. This organization is an arch-enemy of the Anti-Satharian League.

The Kraatar Liberation Corps is a secret militant organization that originally started on Kraatar in an effort to end Vrusk domination of that once predominately Human planet. Over the last few years it has evolved into a Frontier-wide terrrorist organization dedicated to freeing Humans from the "cultural pollution" of the existence of other races. The KLC believes that once Humans have taken control of all planetary and system-wide governments, the UPF, and all mega-corps, then the Frontier is assured of peace. The KLC is a prime traget for Star Law investigations.

The Investors is an ultra-covert organization of a few billi-creditaires who wish to be the behind-the-scenes controllers of the UPF. While the UPF is presently an organization that comprises all of the Frontier's planetary system government, the Investors believes it could develop the UPF into a body that would override all local governments. While its aims and methods are similar to that of the FFF, the Investors is a much smarter and more hidden group. The Investors tries to gain control by financial wars, not by actual military ventures, as the FFF would.