Range lists one of the six range codes that applies to the weapon.

Blast Radius indicates the immediate blast radius of an explosive weapon. It is always expressed in meters.

Maximum Damage lists the full amount of damage a weapon can cause before any skill, ability, or item additions are applied. The abbreviation "pS" indicates damage per each SEU used.

Column Modifier is the number and type of column shifts that are inherent with a particular melee or thrown weapon's use.

Ammo Capacity shows what type of ammunition or energy the weapon uses.

SEU Used lists the number of standard energy units used in one attack (if the weapon uses energy).

ROF is the maximum number of shots the weapon can fire in one turn. Numbers in parentheses indicate a burst. A fraction such as 1/2 means the wepaon can be fired once every two turns, 1/3 means that the weapon can be fired once every three turns.

Effective Defenses indicates what sort of defensive suit, screen, or action will help protect the target from damage.

Mass is the weapon's approximate weight in kilograms.

Cost is given in Credits and does not include ammunition. The fact that a cost is listed does not mean the item is commonly available.

Special indicates the weapon has an unusual facet. Check its description for details.

Stun, Sleep, or sl: indicates a weapon can stunn or put a character to sleep. If it hits, the victim must roll his current Stamina or less on 1d100 or be stunned or fall asleep (whichever is appropriate) for 1d100 turns. Stunning has no effect on anyone with an anti-shock implant or a gauss screen.

Varies indicates that different damage, warheads, etc. can be used with the weapon. The definition of the weapon should be consulted for details.

Msl# is a missile multiplier. It means that the concept referred to, range, damage, etc., is multiplied by the missile type used either I, II, or III.