There are several ways to do this, you know.

1. Click here if your web browser works right to allow you to do that.
2. If that doesn't work take your mouse (if you're on Netscape) and run it over this line.

Now if you're on a Mac, push the open apple key, and C at the same time. On IBM, drag down Edit, and hit Copy. Go to your email account, and (on a Mac) push open apple-V, or (on IBMs) click on Edit again and click on Paste. Then, mail me.

3. If that's too complicated, take out some paper and a writing utensil and write down my email address. That shouldn't be too hard. Sorry if I sound like a total jerk right now, but there really are some people that have trouble mailing me. Not all of us are computer brains you know....

Snail Mail

Some people still use that. If you're one of them, here's my address:

Patrick Glass
900 N. Leverett #371
Fayetteville, AR 72701

Also, if you email me, and I like you...I'll give you my phone number...I'm not dumb enough to post it here :P
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