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Here we go again...

just when you thought the internet censorship thing was all over...looky what I got in my inbox....
to: webmasters of Oasis fan pages
fm: oasisinet.com
re: copyrighted material

As the internet continues to grow, many companies are taking action to
enforce laws concerning copyright ownership and distribution. We have been
informed Sony Music is working to reduce the amount of unauthorized on-line
material for their artists. Oasis Internet has been asked to comply with
their policies.

We have been monitoring Oasis fan pages for some time. The band appreciates
the effort fans make developing these presentations. However, it appears
some webmasters of these sites are either unaware or unconcerned with
copyright laws. 

Distribution of Oasis sound and video files, photographs, and lyrics
without permission is unlawful. Webmasters are in danger of legal action if
copyrighted material is not removed from their sites. Internet Service
Providers housing illegal material will be asked to terminate accounts or
face action themselves. 

In an effort to prevent our fans from such drastic measures, we kindly ask
all webmasters to follow the rules when creating Oasis fan pages. It is
unlawful to distribute image, text, sound, and video files from your server
without permission of the copyright owners. This includes material from
official Sony/Creation/Epic sources and items obtained through other
parties (press interviews, television appearances, unauthorized recordings
of live performances, etc). The Official Oasis Home Page provides a large
amount of these files to
download for personal use only. You may continue to list items available
and point users to our site or Sony Music but may not include any
infringing material from either of these sites on your site without consent
of Oasis or Sony Music.

We understand re-programming your site will take time. Therefore, we have
asked that our fans be allowed 30 days to observe the above rules. After
this time we will review all sites. Those who cooperate will be included in
our "fan page links" section. We will be forced to take appropriate action
with those who do not change their sites to reflect these policies. This is
a very serious warning: Failure to comply with the law will ultimately
result in legal action. 

We welcome any comments or questions. Please email with your concerns. 

Kind Regards,

Sarah Frederiksen

I don't have to tell you what that means, boys and girls....apparently, if this is allowed to go down....this page will probably be gone...or else really lame....and I don't think you guys want that to happen...when I get some response from Sony I'll let you know what they said and if the future of this page is in as much danger as it sounds like...but personally, i think this is the biggest crock of shit I've ever been sent (really, I've had flames nicer than this!) In the mean time, we can mail the offical page and see if that does anything....who knows....when I get some response, I'll let you know....this page may become a lame text-only page of links to copies of the chords at OLGA sites that are still running....the man can't quite seem to keep them down eithier, can they???

Just something to think about...


Hey, we're all in this together....Click here for more info!!!
As you might know, the deadline has passed, and I haven't done a whole lot to my page. In fact, I'm still getting submissions and adding them to the page. Until I get anymore offical word from anyone at Sony/Creation or from Ignition, this page will remain. So don't worry...everything is cool. While you're here....print some Be Here Now tabs...grab a guitar and your CD and play!!!