This was posted to USEnet on Feb. 27, 2001. A great resource- thanks, Bill! Feb 27, 2001 was the date all these links worked. From: Buffalo Bill Johnston [716] 838-3038 A good listing of pinouts, dip switches, game artwork, etc. Very nice.
CD Rom of old and new arcade game repair tips, repair manuals, monthly subscription technical journal houses repair tips written by service technicians from around the world. Order back issues too.
Randy Fromm's Arcade School, videotapes, repair books, lots of free technical info too. Great monitor repair and game repair pages.
link to Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ about how to fix lots of electronic stuff. Basics to expert level.
Replay Magazine monthly, and industry links
Playmeter Magazine monthly, and industry links
Mercury Amusement Co.[PA] Evan Wessel's free pinball refurbishing advice pages, inexpensive refurbishing kits & pinballs for sale.
Amusements Plus, Rochester NY
parts for arcade games, (716)244-2420, (800) 377-7729
online ordering! Manufacturer of: Joysticks, controllers, coin doors, parts, power supplies, etc.
Zanen Electronics Get Well capacitor kits for your monitors will cure many problems, under $10. 806-793-6337
Louise's Harness Shop
100 SPRING STREET Tuscumbia AL 35674 1-800-365-1941 [205] 381-6639 1" JAMMA FINGERBOARD, $2.00 PLAIN JAMMA CARD, to make your own adapter for a non- jamma pcb, $15. NO MINIMUM ORDER. Harnesses, adapters, parts or manufactured.
Boards, eprom burners, computers
Marco Specialties Collector books, pinball manuals, more.
RGB to NTSC converter [feed your arcade video thru this to a vcr or tv monitor], Pacman repairs and specialties, arcade, pinball board repairs, monitors, more.
Tools including Tamperproof Torx screwdriver bits: Jensen 800-426- 1194 or 602-968-6231
online ordering! Digi-Key 800-344-4539 for electronic components, parts, molex connectors, 450 page catalog.
Hosfelt Electronics, 888-264-6464 or 614-264-6464, assorted electronic and hobby stuff.
link to Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ about how to fix lots of electronic stuff.
John's Jukes [Canada] Pinball, Video and Jukebox corner is the pinball newsgroup
currency conversion
online shipping dispatching and tracking! shipping prices
U.S. Postal Service, the post office.
the newsgroup where every newsgroup's Frequently Asked Questions gets posted. There is an accumulation of a lifetime of experience right here on the Internet!
Betson Advance in Syracuse NY is a commercial distributor of games, parts, and service.
listings of operators and distributors.