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Description: This is defintely a great game. You're wandering around in a land of castles, dark mazes, and dragons. You have to fetch the chalice from a castle, and take it home. But, you first have get they keys to open the castles. And there's the small matter of the aforementioned dragons. You're a block, you can pick up a sword, chalice, bridge (makes some inaccessible places available), keys, chalices, and a micro dot. But there's a bat that likes to pick the stuff up too, scattering it around. (rule #1 of video games: bats suck.)


Instructions: Well, the SECRET of adventure is something like this: In the black castle, there's a area that's walled in, and you can't get to. If you drag the bridge in there, and use that to cross the wall, you'll find a little microdot if you wander around long enough. You won't see it, but you'll hear your guy pick it up. Now hold on to that dot, and carry it back to the golden wall near the beginning. If there's another item in the room, the wall will be flashin- now, with dot in hand, go right through the wall, and bingo- the programmers name.

(Want to know what the secret looks like?)