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Description: A prototype cartridge i got from best electronics, this game is.. well, let's just say i won't cry because i didn't get it until now. y You're a little car with an x on top of it (This makes you the General Lee, I suppose). At the top of the screen, you see a figure of Boss Hogg on the left, and Daisy on the right. Boss Hogg is steadily advancing towards Daisy. I assume if he ever reaches her, your time is up. Your job is to race your car up the screen, avoiding the police cars (little white cars with blinking dots on top). There's small dots in the road that makes you crash if you drive over it, but you can lure the cop cars over them, and make them crash, bthereby making your passage a little easier. The pole-lease will speed up,as if nitro powered, and drive right into you. If they do, you lose a life. If you make it all the way to the top of the maze, you see 'jail'. Making it there advances you to level 2. (See level one, but add more cops.) In between each level, you're treated to a side shot of the general lee jumping over a bridge. Amazing! How'd they do that?!


Instructions: Nate's Tip- Move the General Lee north slow enough as to let one cop be near the bottom of the screen at all times, following you. There can only be one police car on the screen at any time, so if you do this, you'll have plenty of room to make it all the way to the end of the level. But, it's boring as heck. Kind of a big tradeoff.