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Auto Racing

Description: Better than any driving game I've seen for a system of this age- and, as with most of the Intellivision games, it definitely takes awhile to get used to the controls. A much better game if you play with a friend, and race each other. Graphics are decent, sound is mediocre.

Manufacturer: Mattel, 1980.

Instructions: Keypad Layout: 1-5 selects cars, enter confirms cars and course, and the buttons brake.

Steering: Use the Direction Disc to steer your car. The car will go straight ahead when the Disc is not touched. To turn left, press the left side of the disc; to turn right, press the fight side. The further to either direction you press, the sharper the turn. Until you get accustomed to this steering system, it's easy to make the mistake of "over-steering" your car by trying to change its direction too much. The farther away from the direction of movement you press the rim of the Disc, the less actual control you will have. REMEMBER, FINESSE COUNTS, NOT FORCE! Keep a light, sensitive touch on the Disc, and just make steering adjustments that are necessary to keep your car in the center of the road as much as possible.