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Description: Well, it's a bowling game endorsed by the PBA! You're shown a screen of your bowler, and you move him left or right, then throw the ball down the lane, towards some clunky pins. Like real bowling, but not nearly as fun. If you're this hard up for some bowling action, you need serious help.

Manufacturer: Mattel, 1980.

Instructions: Keypad:

  1. Pick up the ball by pressing the Disc.
  2. Use the buttons on the LEFT SIDE of your hand controller to position bowler at starting line.
  3. Now press the LOWER RIGHT side button. IMPORTANT: ONCE YOU'VE DEPRESSED THIS BUTTON, KEEP PRESSING IT, UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO RELEASE THE BALL. Watch the white "spotter ball", which sweeps repeatedly across the alley. It indicates the spot your ball will cross, approximately 1/3rd the distance to the head pin.
  4. When the "spotter ball" reaches the location you want your ball to cross, release the lower right button. Your bowler will start to move toward the foul line to release the ball.
  5. Before the ball leaves your bowlers hand, set the amount of curve by pressing one spot on the edge of the Direction Disc. You might want to press the Disc more than once, to adjust the amount of curve. Each time you do, you will hear a click. The computer just uses the last curve amount you indicate just before the bowler reaches the foul line. [Pressing the disc to 3 o' clock results in a straight throw, with increasing curve being added to the ball in a counter-clockwise fashion, with 6 o' clock being maximum curve. From 3 to 6 clockwise results in a slight reverse curve.]

    IF YOU DON'T PRESS THE DIRECTION DISC while the bowler is making his approach to the foul line, the computer will put in a random curve (or straight ball) for you. If you let the computer decide how much curve to put on the ball, your roll could go slightly to the left or right. If you releasethe ball so it goes over the middle spotting arrow and then you don't press the Disc, you'll probably knock down some pins, but how many will depend on luck. TO GET HIGH BOWLING SCORES, YOU SHOULD CONTROL THE CURVE.

  6. This step is completely optional, and should be used only when you want a very sharp breaking curve when the ball is at the far end of the alley: After your bowler has started the approach, and after the figures arm has begun its downward swing, press the upper right button on the controller: LOFT. In the brief tiem span etween the descent of your bowler's arm and ball release, the later you press the LOFT button, the more pronounced the final curve of the ball will be.