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Description: One of the coolest arcade games ever makes a fairly decent home appearance. You're a chef, stuck in a screen full of ladders. Scattered about are huge hamburger condiments (buns, patties, lettuce) and it's your job to make them into a burger. Running over the condiment knocks them down a level, and knocks anything that might have been underneath them down a level as well. Getting all the condiments together moves you onto the next level! Unfortunately, you have to deal with some irate hotdogs, cranky fried eggs, and some angry pickles that are chasing you around. You can neutralize them temporarily with a dash of pepper, but don't hang around for too long! My only complaint about this game is that there aren't any ladders- there's just holes in the levels, that imply ladders. This makes some of the movements tough, but it's still one of my favorite Intellivision games.

Manufacturer: Mattel, Data East, 1982.

Instructions: The disc runs, the buttons throw pepper, if you have it! Get running!