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Learning Fun II

Description: While sharing the same deficiency as its companion, Learning Fun I -the name, it shares the strengths. Good graphics, and interesting play. This cartridge has 4 games- Word Rockets, Word Hunt, Crosswords, and Memory Fun. Word Rockets challenges you to pick a vowel from the bottom of the screen, and shoot it at 2 letters that are flying above you, and turn it into a real word. Word hunt has some letters scattered around the screen, and you're supposed to drag them back, and form as many words as possible. Crosswords is a Scrabble variant, and Memory Fun is the age old game of concentration. Pretty good cartridge, actually.

Manufacturer: Intv, 1987

Instructions: Mostly self explanitory- In Crosswords, position your cursor over the spot you wish to build. Press 1 to build across, 2 to build down, and 3 to pass. After you've selected the direction, pick the letters you wish to lay by the corresponding number, and when you're done, hit enter. Your opponent has to ok the word by hitting enter on their keypad, and then turns are switched.