With much luck, my girlfriend stumbled upon an original SMS for me- nice, and sleek, and black. Now, combine that with my Game Gear converter, the SMS2, and my Power Base Converter, and that's a lot of platforms to play Master system Games on. The Oldest one (the Sleek black one) is sexy, with a card port on the front, and a built in Hang-On game. The SMS2 is a small gray lump of plastic, with Alex Kidd built it- and the Converters let me play the games on my Game Gear and Genesis. Talk about backward compatibility! I also found a light gun (no use for it yet) and the 3-d glasses. The glasses don't have the card input or a game to go with them. They do have a broken left earpiece, and a chewed up cord. But, I'll assume they still work. Games I have include:

To the other systems!

a good arcade game, a weak port. but they're all weak. you're a guy with a sword, a mace, whatnot, and you break heads. very hard.
casino games
this is a decent game- play blackjack, pinball, roulette, the slots, whatnot. build your small stake into a million dollars. tricky. decent game, though. passwords help. :)
joe montana football
the only game i found to buy, and didn't inherit. mediocre game, it's football. most sports games i don't get too terribly enthusiastic over. and this appears to be a port of the genesis game.
a great arcade port. you choose a monster (werewolf, gorilla, lizard) and go terrorize a town- pretend you're godzilla, or king kong. there are a few big buildings on the screen, and you climb the buildings, and punch them apart, ocassionally stopping to snack upon the soldiers that are shooting at you, or other items you might find- toasters, turkey, and even people in showers. destroy 50 cities (actually 10 cities, with 5 scenes in each one) and you finish the game.
another arcade port, this of a weaker game. damned tough game. you punch and kick people, and your effective kick and punh range is slightly over 3 pixels.
ultima iv
this is a great game. great port of the original. however, i get too damn frustrated by games like this after playing for 8 hours, and accomplishing nothing.
great basketball
mediocre basketball. it is 8 bit, it is a sports game. it's more playable than some of the newer games, i feel. hell of a spot better than 2600 basketball, that's for damn sure.