a good arcade game, a weak port. but they're all weak. you're a guy with a sword, a mace, whatnot, and you break heads. very hard.
casino games
this is a decent game- play blackjack, pinball, roulette, the slots, whatnot. build your small stake into a million dollars. tricky. decent game, though. passwords help. :)
joe montana football
the only game i found to buy, and didn't inherit. mediocre game, it's football. most sports games i don't get too terribly enthusiastic over. and this appears to be a port of the genesis game.
another arcade port, this of a weaker game. damned tough game. you punch and kick people, and your effective kick and punh range is slightly over 3 pixels.
ultima iv
this is a great game. great port of the original. however, i get too damn frustrated by games like this after playing for 8 hours, and accomplishing nothing.
great basketball
mediocre basketball. it is 8 bit, it is a sports game. it's more playable than some of the newer games, i feel. hell of a spot better than 2600 basketball, that's for damn sure.