searching for the lowest common denominator
resorting to tired tales of
asking annoying questions
and providing bogus answers
self-serving closet fascists
making money from marijuana masturbation
incompetance masquerading as inspiration
inspiration mistaken for true talent
a spectre of ego-centric behavior
sputtering wildly out of control

ladies and gentlemen...
indie rock's newest unrecognized genius
of songwriting sucker-punch
in a minivan fora six week tour... seBADoh.

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These are quotes from a sebadoh show tape that appears on the Curtis Pitts: subpop employee of the month comp-type thing. some pictures and stuff came from the images archive on the Cafe Liberty home page/FTP site which disappeared a while ago - see http://www.sebadoh.com/ for sebadoh's home. Images and quotes are associated randomly so don't take offense if funny combinations occur

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