Booth Martin; Contract Programming, Inc.


	Booth Martin                                    802-476-7942 
	Contract Programming, Inc             
	28 Delmont Avenue
	Barre, Vermont  05641

	Services Offered:
	- write RPG and CL code,
	- translate design goals to machine-capable code,
	- analyze a troubled application,
	- design an effective and complete solution,
	- write new sections of code for existing applications,
	- be "on-call" for emergencies and disaster recovery,
	- teaching; new staff or new systems,
	- emergency fill-in of critical staff.

	Typical Projects:
	- team member in conversion of Sys/36 to AS400 for a small 
	- maintain and operate a manufacturer's existing Sys/36
	  installation while headquarters converted to an AS400.
	- a West Coast software firm's clients had, through the years,
	  installed various custom software changes.  Our project was to
	  help convert these customized changes to a new Version level.
	- design, write and install a mailing/solicitation and tracking
	  system for an environmental group.
	- design, write and install an Accounts Payable system.
	- design & write a new "front-end" for an existing Payroll
	  system to key in, edit and tally variable data.
	- be the "on-call" computer professional for organizations that
	  can not justify full-time staffs, yet need full support.
Range of Clients: - College - Construction machinery dealer - Food processor/manufacturer - Hosiery manufacturer - Machine shop, sheet metal shop & foundry - Mail order and retail chain - Retail stationary store - Software manufacturer - Town government
Booth Martin: Above average RPG coding skills, good with date and calendar math, knowledgeable with CL, DDS, and OCL. Sample code is available for review. I can work with RPG, RPGII, RPGIV, RPG400, RPGLE. I design applications when asked, and provide effective solutions to business problems. I understand business, business rules, and all levels of financial reporting.

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