Created December 14, 1995. Died August 8, 1997.
Cause of death: Outdated information. That and the fact that I really didn't have anything to contribute to the Supergrass web experience. I'd like to thank all of you who supported this page while it was going. But nothing here is any different that what you'd see anywhere else.

If you'd like to get some Supergrass info, here's where I'd recommend.

Offical Supergrass Page Just like it says. Not too much info, but it looks really cool!
Strange Ones HQ The page that got this page started. But it's had some legal prolems (which my Oasis site can relate to.
Sometimes It Leaves a Stain This is probably the coolest Supergrass page out there now. 5 stars and all that.
Once again, thanks for supporting the page while it was alive. It just grew in a way that I couldn't control. -Patrick
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