Old game systems

Early video game consoles were exciting implementations of new technology. However, the big problem with new technology is that it soon becomes old technology, and becomes forgotten in some dusty corner. Many people refuse to see their beloved games become so much debris, and this is a point at which you can refresh your memory as to just why you loved these games in the first place.

Systems I currently own include:

Everybody's Favorite-
the Atari 2600!
Atari 5200!


The Odyssey^2

Finally Documented: The Intellivision

The system that could have shut down the NES- The Sega Master System.

A 'pong-ish' coleco machine- The Coleco Telstar.

This is a Framed List of my games, and short reviews. If you have netscape 2.0, sneak a peek.

Other great classic game sites:

Systems i don't have, but really want... there's a ton of them. These include the Vectrex, coleco ADAM, and on and on and on. if you have one of these systems you want to donate so it can be documented on this page, feel free to do so. :)


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