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Over Psychefunkapus fans can't be wrong! Or can they????

You guessed it. This page is under construction.
You may be wondering to yourself, "Who the hell is Psychefunkapus, and why do they have a web page???". I can answer those questions for you. Psychefunkapus is, or, I should say, was, a San Fransisco Bay Area funk band in the early 1990's. They put out two records on the Atlantic label, Psychfunkapus (1990), and Skin (1991), both of which are out of print. Now, personally, I really don't like funk music all that much. But this band was a little different. They fused many different musical styles into the mix. Sometimes they'd be punk, sometimes ska, sometimes metal, sometimes progressive, sometimes rockabilly, and most of the time, brilliant.
You may or may not believe this, but Jonnie Axtell (with Gene Genie) and Atom Ellis (who is in a new band called Diesel Hed) emailed me!!! It seems they are alive and well and on AOL (well, it's a start!!!). Very cool :) Oh yeah, and whoever emailed me Paul's phone number, please send it to me again...somehow I lost it, and Paul, if you're reading this, I didn't call you because at the time I didn't have a phone...now I do, and I'll be happy to call you up if I could get you number back (and I think krk the photo guy would really really like your phone number too!!!) Anyway, on with the page.
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Listen to some Psychefunkapus sound clips! See the Psychefunkapus picture archive.  Look at the info and a review of the 
album Psychefunkapus Look at the info and a review of the album 
Skin See the lyrics to Skin Psychefunkapus Guitar Tabs

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I just added a links page because there's actually some other Psychefunkapus stuff out there!!! The lyrics to the first album are here!!I'm missing 2 tracks though...haven't typed them up yet. I'm still trying to figure out the chords to some of the songs on the albums that CJ didn't send me....I have "Banana Slug King" totally figured out, but haven't typed it out yet. And if I get Paul's phone number, maybe he can give me more dirt on the early days (it seems the rest of the band (except for Johnny) forgot all about little ole' me *sob*).I did get krk to send me some pictures though..If you have anything to contribute, or if you just wanna say hi to a fellow Psychefunkapus fan, by all means mail me! I might even see if I can tape off the albums for you, since they are out of print. Though I remember the happy day about a year and a half ago when I found my copy of Psychefunkapus in my local record store's used bin for a mere $3.92!!!! I've seen Skin in there for a similar price before too, so if you look hard enough, you just might find these CD's for not very much money. It's sad that their record company doesn't care about them anymore, but that's how it goes sometimes :( Oh yeah, and if I told you I'd send you a tape of my CD, I'm sorry I haven't gotten it out yet, but I'm too broke to buy blank tapes right now...maybe later! Sorry about that.

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